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Alert: Hot off the Press this Week 10/30/2015 October 30 2015

 King of Pop Art Nelson De La Nuez just launched his newly redesigned, streamlined, easy to navigate and shop on luxury pop art site

All those who collect his work and follow him as a fan know he is adored by celebrity devotees worldwide and has made quite the name by stirring up the rather stale, stuffy art world. He never played by the rules and refused to ever listen to them. As a result, he sells out the most prestigious of art fairs, basels and gallery shows internationally.
Fresh, exciting art by the King of Pop Art debuted on his new site including a few of the following pieces shown below--click on the link to see/buy on his site:
Original hand painted 52"x52" "Famous"
king of pop art Nelson de la nuez Famous painting

Chanel #5 Purple/Grey
king of pop art nelson de la nuez chanel art

Celeb Hot Spot Bagatelle LA Throwing Red Carpet VIP Bash for King of Pop Art, Nelson De La Nuez, to Celebrate Art Collection Installation September 16 2015



Celeb Hot Spot Bagatelle LA Throwing Red Carpet VIP Bash for King of Pop Art, Nelson De La Nuez, to Celebrate Art Collection Installation

Celebrity Collectors to Attend, Moet Ice and Toast Vodka Sponsor VIP Event; King of Pop Art Hosts Saturday POP Party All Night

PR Newswire  Laurent Zilber, Bagatelle LA September 9, 2015 

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The celebrity driven hot spot, Bagatelle night club and restaurant in West Hollywood on La Cienega, has recently gotten a whole new look, thanks to the recognizable artwork of world renown pop artist Nelson De La Nuez, known as The King of Pop Art. The club mixes elegant chandeliers, white tablecloths and French cuisine with the vibrant pop art of the famous artist.  The restaurant is legendary for its St Tropez style, lively champagne brunches that say to the world,  "Live your life fully in the moment; Dance on tables, drink fine champagne out of the bottle, love your life." De La Nuez conveys messages through his artwork about living the good life and enjoying what you work hard for ("Darling, all I require are fabulous shoes!"), which is why his glamorous pop art and sophisticated Monopoly/Wall Street pieces fit right in. He's recently featured in an article in the current Sept/Oct issue of the prestigious Private Air magazine for the uber wealthy, jet set lifestyle.


The luxury pop art event at Bagatelle will be held on Saturday, September 19 with the art grand opening VIP party being held from 6:30-9pm. Only invited VIP's with proper wristbands will be included in red carpet step and repeat for press/media and the bar sponsored by Moet Ice and Toast Vodka, as well as surprise pop giveaways, tray passed appetizers and more.

The rest of the event is open to the public to view and purchase the artwork and meet the artist. Bagatelle welcomes anyone to the event itself to stay all night and party with the King of Pop Art, while 2 dj's pump out music with the club's usual upbeat ambiance and fabulous French flair. Public and VIP can stay all night but for publicists, press or celebrities, they must contact below for invitation to be placed on VIP list.  "Nelson De La Nuez, The King of Pop Art, takes Bagatelle to a truly unique, sophisticated yet fun, pop art world! He's brilliant," states Laurent Zilber, partner at Bagatelle restaurant.

The artist has thousands of celebrity devotees who have been invited to attend the VIP evening. De La Nuez will be showing a few unveiled, surprise brand new releases for the first time at this event. The artist says, "he's painting as fast as he can to fill orders for galleries and clients but it's getting harder to keep up." There's only one King of Pop Art and it's all created by him.

"Nelson's colorful humor and talent fits like a glove with our elegant Bagatelle upbeat, party ambience. We pop the bottles (champagne), Nelson pops the art!" exclaims Zilber.

People are coming to the hot spot now and recognizing the art instantly and blowing up the artist's Instagram with hash tags and comments. The staff and owners of Bagatelle can't help but take notice how the art makes people happy, gets them talking and adds a whole new vibe to the already fabulous brand they built.

Nelson De La Nuez's artwork is hanging in some of the most prominent, private and corporate owned collections in the world.  His celebrity collectors range from the recent Sarah Jessica Parker to the infamous Michael Jackson to Paris Hilton and Seth MacFarlane and many more. De La Nuez's pop art is sold in galleries and auctions internationally. He is listed on the "Who's Who List of the Most Collected Artists of Our Time."  His recent article in Private Air magazine can be viewed online here:
Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine Feature Article

Bagatelle LA is a famed celebrity hangout for French Mediterranean dining and high energy nightlife/brunches with dancing on tabletops the norm.  Such names as Sophia Vergara, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, Matthew Morrison and many others frequent the spot.

View/buy his art:
Luxury Brands 

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Bagatelle Restaurant:
Laurent Zilber
755 N. La Cienega, West Hollywood

Please contact to place celebrity clients on VIP list and to receive invitation:
Press/media is invited at step and repeat and for interviews with artist-Press List/names on file-
I will add name to our VIP list if you respond with your magazine/paper and title, phone #/email
Respond by 14th latest
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The Good Life, 61


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Tiger Stick® Sports/Baseball Bat Wax Used by Top MLB Players July 17 2014

Tiger Stick® Sports/Baseball Bat Wax, the Pine Tar Alternative, Used by Top MLB Players, Launches Custom Co-Branded Program

Trusted Brand for more than 20 years sells wholesale internationally to distributors, major sporting good chains and stores

PR Newswire 

LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Tiger Stick®, the well known sports grip brand is known for its distinctive tiger logo and its solid reputation in the marketplace. The wax-based stick has become a staple item among MLB teams who buy on a regular basis from the company and its distributors. The big chain sporting goods stores know the product well, have constant requests for it and can't keep it on the shelves. "Our company started small and grew large when word of mouth got out from the best of the best how good the product was. We had to keep up and now service both domestic and international stores and players," explains Max Cohen, one of the company's owners. "We fill quantity wholesale and work with the needs of our clients. We are familiar with the big box stores and chains and know that they often have special requirements."

The revolutionary stick is used by peeling down the cardboard from the top and rubbing it on to the bat. It assists in giving a very firm grip and is an alternative to pine tar. Unlike pine tar, the stick leaves no mess, no stain. It's very easy to remove by scraping off the bat. The product has the perfect amount of "sticky" according to its users and hundreds of reviewers online. The popular copyrighted catch phrase they developed "Keep Your Woody Sticky" has also created a popular line of t-shirts for the brand. "Our brand has created very loyal users from little league teams to the minors to the most well known on the MLB fields," Cohen says. "There are brands trying constantly to knock us off, like every successful brand, but we have been around for a long time and have a proven product and a major share in the marketplace for a reason."

Tiger Stick has now expanded in a huge way with their custom co branding program since they found many companies, including wood bat manufacturers want their logos and names on the labels. "It's still the Tiger Stick name so customers know it's the #1 authentic product out there that has the reputation we've built up all these years, but now the distributors can brand it with the their marketing and utilize their colors, social media and more so they will be sure to stay in contact for reorders," explains Cohen.

Steve Garvey, MLB legend, ten-time All Star ball player, swears by the brand and has passed it on to his 2 sons as the secret weapon. His son Ryan Garvey of the Colorado Rockies uses it out on the field for a winning game. "Hit it hard with the best grip in the game...Tiger Stick," declared Steve Garvey adamantly about the product. It says something when a product is being passed down from one respected player to future generations.

Aaron Cunningham, who has played MLB past and present for many years for the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, Padres, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks, is a firm believer in the stick and never travels to games without them. "Tiger Sticks are the best in the game. No other brand compares. Tiger Stick works its magic as soon as applied. All of the other imitations take time to dry and don't have a long lasting hold," he explains.

The company is capable of large quantity orders but produces and ships each order as given so quality control stays in place and there is no mass manufacturing. They drop ship worldwide for whatever your needs are. The product is also used for any sport that needs a firm grip: Lacrosse, football, basketball, cricket.

For more information on co branding, becoming a distributor or carrying in a store or for MLB teams, please contact:    805-583-5363

View site:
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Nelson De La Nuez at Miami Art Basel: Art Values Triple December 03 2013

Nelson De La Nuez, the King of Pop Art, Is the One to Watch at Miami Art Basel After Selling Out at Art Hamptons and Galleries

Pop Artist Making Collectors Ecstatic when Artwork Values Triple, Galleries Selling Out Internationally

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the success of his Beverly Hills gallery's sold-out show of his artwork at the prestigious Art Hamptons Fair, the International pop artist Nelson De La Nuez is now concentrating on the upcoming infamous Miami Beach Art Basel. Evan Lurie Galleryis selling his work at SCOPE at Booth E29 December 3-8, 2013, with Dec. 3rd being for VIPs and press. SCOPE is the largest and most global art fair in the world. Renowned for its uncanny ability to forecast new visual trends that are embraced globally, SCOPE Art shows in Miami, Basel, New York, London and the Hamptons have garnered extensive critical acclaim, with sales of over $500 million and of over 700,000 visitors. De La Nuez will also have separate representation at the Miami Beach Red Dot Art Fair near Art Miami, Booth E102. "The selection of my art and price ranges shown at the two different shows by two galleries will be a good variety," he explained.

(Photo: )
(Photo: )

The artist is also featured in the luxurious high-end magazine Private Air Luxury Homes for Nov/December. The article tells the humble beginnings of De La Nuez with a look into his creative mind and quirkiness on his rise to fame. The magazine is given out to private charter jets/lounges and at high-end VIP events, such as Art Miami opening gala for which they are a sponsor. His original works, often created on wood panels and large one-of-a-kind hand-painted pieces on canvas have very recently sold for prices that have increased the value of all of his art. "My originals sell faster than I can paint now. My galleries all want them for the high-end art fairs or to sell directly to specific clients and I have collectors who only want originals as investments, but, the minute I have one, it's sold," explains the artist. "It's tough to keep up with painting at times, but there are worse problems to have."

De La Nuez's pop art is sold in galleries and auctions worldwide and he's listed on the "Who's Who List of the Most Collected Artists of Our Time."  He is also the owner of the Museum of Humor Art He created Nelson De La Nuez King of Pop Art branded items that consist of his own collection of purses, shoes, wallets and more for Icon leather, De La Nuez Heys designer pop art luggage collections that sold out at Neiman Marcus and Lord and Taylor, limited edition tailored shirts, wallpaper collections for the hospitality industry and luxury homes and more. His "It's a Glamorous Life!" boxed greeting card set is launching next week. All branded items are sold on his luxury brands site,

The artist's designer shoe paintings, "Material Girl" and "Shoe Fetish," can recently be seen hanging in Neiman Marcus shoe salon in Los Angeles. He made a special appearance/autograph signing and had an enormous turnout of fans and paparazzi.

When young Kardashian daughter, Kendall Jenner, Instagrammed his painting from the store, it blew up Instagram to almost 400,000 likes on the art.
Videos can be seen via You Tube.


Nelson De La Nuez is collected by hundreds in the entertainment industry. His artwork is hanging in some of the most prominent, private collections of movie stars, directors, producers, comedians and corporations. His art has been featured on countless television shows including luxury interior design shows. He publishes his art through Pop Land Publishing in Los Angeles, which sells to galleries worldwide. Pop Land Publishing also sells directly to the hospitality industry, including hotels and nightclubs.

Several pieces of his artwork were the last to enter into the prestigious art collection of Michael Jackson before his death. Another piece of art was discovered last week that he had for almost 10 years in a secret bedroom.

View his art:

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