About Celeb PR Group

Why Use Celeb PR Group?

Don't be fooled by cheap, quick, template Press releases and services--you get what you pay for. You release needs to be properly formatted with the layout, keywords, links and more. Then, it's all about distribution and where it gets sent. many of these companies, it will get sent to the owner's grandmother and a teenage blogger....

Most of the PR services do NOT include all of the major distribution include the financials and the AP wire which are crucial.
There are no guarantees who publishes it in the end but I can guarantee where it will get sent to and most likely get picked up, because the chances with Celeb PR Group are much higher due to proper writing and formatting and actual AP distribution. 

We get the word out and it sticks. 

We work with new and established businesses, brands, celebrities, upcoming actors, designers, restaurants-you name it...if you need help getting buzz created through social media PR, that is what we specialize in. 
The owner has been involved in the entertainment industry in all capacities for over 25 years. She has worked as a PR specialist for major corporations launching a new vehicle in the US, branding clients with products, promoting & launching major brands, from various liquors to beauty products to restaurants and hundreds of celebrities.
She also has a strong background in the fashion and entertainment industry.
She has worked long term as a publicist for a variety of celebrities including visual artists, singers, soap stars, reality stars, starlets/models, dj's, screenwriters, directors/producers and creating any buzz needed!

Her degrees are in Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism and she has a solid working knowledge off all thing social media.
If someone isn't on Twitter, she wants to know why! Promote yourself and your brand!

She has worked as a private publicist for a select few clients, for whom she attains media and press exposure for, often gets them invitations into VIP red carpet events/gift suites, gets their own products/brands seen and blasts press releases throughout the internet while getting major social media followings on twitter and Facebook pages.
PR firms that charged a hefty retainer regardless of when they did the work is outdated...
It's all about the internet now and targeting online and off at the same time.
Old style PR no longer works and we've evolved with the times!