Alert: Hot off the Press this Week 10/30/2015 October 30 2015

 King of Pop Art Nelson De La Nuez just launched his newly redesigned, streamlined, easy to navigate and shop on luxury pop art site

All those who collect his work and follow him as a fan know he is adored by celebrity devotees worldwide and has made quite the name by stirring up the rather stale, stuffy art world. He never played by the rules and refused to ever listen to them. As a result, he sells out the most prestigious of art fairs, basels and gallery shows internationally.
Fresh, exciting art by the King of Pop Art debuted on his new site including a few of the following pieces shown below--click on the link to see/buy on his site:
Original hand painted 52"x52" "Famous"
king of pop art Nelson de la nuez Famous painting

Chanel #5 Purple/Grey
king of pop art nelson de la nuez chanel art