Tiger Stick® Sports/Baseball Bat Wax Used by Top MLB Players July 17 2014

Tiger Stick® Sports/Baseball Bat Wax, the Pine Tar Alternative, Used by Top MLB Players, Launches Custom Co-Branded Program

Trusted Brand for more than 20 years sells wholesale internationally to distributors, major sporting good chains and stores

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LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Tiger Stick®, the well known sports grip brand is known for its distinctive tiger logo and its solid reputation in the marketplace. The wax-based stick has become a staple item among MLB teams who buy on a regular basis from the company and its distributors. The big chain sporting goods stores know the product well, have constant requests for it and can't keep it on the shelves. "Our company started small and grew large when word of mouth got out from the best of the best how good the product was. We had to keep up and now service both domestic and international stores and players," explains Max Cohen, one of the company's owners. "We fill quantity wholesale and work with the needs of our clients. We are familiar with the big box stores and chains and know that they often have special requirements."

The revolutionary stick is used by peeling down the cardboard from the top and rubbing it on to the bat. It assists in giving a very firm grip and is an alternative to pine tar. Unlike pine tar, the stick leaves no mess, no stain. It's very easy to remove by scraping off the bat. The product has the perfect amount of "sticky" according to its users and hundreds of reviewers online. The popular copyrighted catch phrase they developed "Keep Your Woody Sticky" has also created a popular line of t-shirts for the brand. "Our brand has created very loyal users from little league teams to the minors to the most well known on the MLB fields," Cohen says. "There are brands trying constantly to knock us off, like every successful brand, but we have been around for a long time and have a proven product and a major share in the marketplace for a reason."

Tiger Stick has now expanded in a huge way with their custom co branding program since they found many companies, including wood bat manufacturers want their logos and names on the labels. "It's still the Tiger Stick name so customers know it's the #1 authentic product out there that has the reputation we've built up all these years, but now the distributors can brand it with the their marketing and utilize their colors, social media and more so they will be sure to stay in contact for reorders," explains Cohen.

Steve Garvey, MLB legend, ten-time All Star ball player, swears by the brand and has passed it on to his 2 sons as the secret weapon. His son Ryan Garvey of the Colorado Rockies uses it out on the field for a winning game. "Hit it hard with the best grip in the game...Tiger Stick," declared Steve Garvey adamantly about the product. It says something when a product is being passed down from one respected player to future generations.

Aaron Cunningham, who has played MLB past and present for many years for the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, Padres, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks, is a firm believer in the stick and never travels to games without them. "Tiger Sticks are the best in the game. No other brand compares. Tiger Stick works its magic as soon as applied. All of the other imitations take time to dry and don't have a long lasting hold," he explains.

The company is capable of large quantity orders but produces and ships each order as given so quality control stays in place and there is no mass manufacturing. They drop ship worldwide for whatever your needs are. The product is also used for any sport that needs a firm grip: Lacrosse, football, basketball, cricket.

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