Press Release--Quantity Pricing


Distribution to:


  • Major search engines and online news sites like  – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yahoo! News, Topix, Google News,,, News Alert, Lycos, Alta Vista, Excite, etc..
  • Comprehensive U.S. national distribution that includes more than 50,000 journalists, editors and bloggers who write and report on various subjects and industries for the news outlets
  • Thousands of news outlets and media sites INCLUDING
  • DISTRIBUTION to the AP (Associated Press) newswire- this means maximum exposure, getting your release to the top US newspapers and media outlets — The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Dallas Morning News. AP webfeeds are accessible to more than 30,000 journalists at more than 1,300 U.S. newspapers.


  • Distribution services also include the "disclosure"and financial media designated by NYSE, Amex and Nasdaq, which are made up of Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, AP, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily and others.


  • We will choose the industries specific to you to target your release to for maximum impact and SEO. We will actually send the release to your specific audience outlets (Beauty product to women's style/major beauty magazines, etc...
  • Will track for the first 3 days and email you updated press links with your release (Within the first 24-48 hours, Celeb PR Group will email you a link report showing distribution on various websites.)

We will tweet your release and post to CelebPRGroup Facebook's page and many become part of our own company's blog and press page.

We guarantee you will gain at least 400+ twitter followers through our public relations network after the release has gone out (usually within 1st 5 days), as long as we include your twitter account name in the release. No other PR firm gets you social media with your release!
I can also help you with your Instagram as needed. I offer separate services for Instagram to boost your buzz on there.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks (or more if possible) to order/schedule your releases. If for some reason you need a Rush release-within 7 days or less, an extra fee of $300 will apply. Please plan ahead.
*3 Pack Quantity expire in 18 months from date of purchase.

Disclaimer: No guarantees are implied or given as to which or many (media/news outlets) will actually pick up any press releases. No one can ever promise that. Distribution outlets constantly change and grow, so they may also vary constantly throughout the year but the main sources will be always be targeted and released to.

We retain the right to turn down any client or brand that may be strongly "distasteful" or which may damage our own company image.