Your Personal Publicist

You don't require a full time publicist?
You don't want to pay the full time fees of most publicists? (average $3500+/month average)

Utilize our company and its professional publicists to:

  • Field calls, speak professionally and be your go-between
  • *Negotiate fees/services, press whether from our press releases or any other reason you may want to have them to call us.
  • Gives you the ultimate credibility and authenticity of having the "appearance" of professional publicist
  • Allow you flexibility to go month to month if you have a big event/book release one month, etc that you want to be able to say "Call my publicist" for. 

Real celebrities and big brands have a team behind them.

Clients are more likely to call a PR firm/publicist to hire a client or discuss celebrity events/interview article availability, etc... than call someone direct.

*If we do discuss/negotiate and finalize fees and/or get you jobs/publicity/events/magazine articles/gift suites/red carpets under this service, you would owe Celeb PR Group an additional agreed upon rate, which will be offered to you in terms within an agreement contract at the time such offer is made. The rate depends on the terms negotiated with the client & how valuable the outcome is.

There may be other opportunities as well where we may find a suitable match for you doing an appearance or interview/press and we will offer it to you under the same agreement. 
Once you purchase this service, an agreement for signature stating you simply agree to these terms as such if the case(s) arises, will be emailed to you before such service begins.

This service gives you: credibility and the appearance that you have a publicist or someone assisting with press without paying full time fees--we will answer our phones and confirm we are your "publicist" and ask all pertinent questions to find out what the client would like and how it could benefit you best. Before any confirmations are made, we will contact you for your approval and you have the right to decline.

We currently have a waiting list for full time clients and only take on new full time ones (when time allows) with a "name," existing brand(s), and notoriety to some extent to work with.

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